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We've been listening to all the imput that's been given to us this year and here is what many of you have been asking for:

-A larger case made out of the same high quality, stain resistant, tear resistant material as the original, but is now 8" deep instead of 4". This will allow you to carry a size B, C, or D oxygen tank (if legal in your state) as well as your preferred equipment. For those who don't carry oxygen, the adjustable straps can hold a heating pad or other equipment of your choice.

-The large bag includes the same mesh pockets as the original, but also includes elastic straps that can be used to hold your own various containers and equipment.

-Two long straps that can be used either together as a backpack or singly as an over-the- shoulder bag. Like the original it still features the double handle design as well as two outside pockets.

-The new larger bag can easily accomodate either the Original, or the Easy Transport Cradle.


Large Case

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