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What is Resus-A-Cradle?

The Resus-A-Cradle is designed to help ensure the baby is positioned and stabilized for an open airway.

  1. Soft foam fins allow the head to be stabilized for a wide variety of newborn sizes.

  2. Neck design minimizes potential shifting of the newborn.

  3. Chest angle designed to help achieve the recommended “sniff” position.

  4. Main body of firm foam creates a stable surface for chest compressions.

Constructed of sealed foam--impervious to fluids and contamination. Cleans and disinfects with any cleanser.

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Easy Transport Cradle II

Easy Transport Cradle II

Still includes all important safety features as before but now also includes:

  • A firm base with slots all around that allow the Cradle to be secured to an ambulance stretcher in many different ways.

  • A center "crotch slot" to allow for a 5 point strapping system to secure the baby to the cradle when in transit.

  • A spot for owners name and contact info to help ensure safe return of Cradle after transfer into hospital.

  • Works with both the original and large carrying cases.

Why Resus-A-Cradle

Having the baby in a stable position allows the care provider to focus on ventilations and chest compressions without constant worry about repositioning the baby. Those who have ever resuscitated a newborn understand how much this will reduce stress. Knowing the baby has an open airway keeps the focus on resuscitation efforts.


  • No struggling with flat surfaces and rolled up receiving blankets under the baby’s shoulders.


  • The Cradle allows the baby to be resuscitated with the umbilical cord still attached to maintain oxygen supply from the mother.


  • No worrying during a resuscitation about the baby’s limp head and body shifting and causing the airway to close.


  • Ensures all of the equipment needed can be together and easy for others to find in a critical moment.

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