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  1. Place a receiving blanket on the Cradle.

  2. Next place the baby scale sling in the Resus-A-Cradle.

  3. Then place three disposable tape measures at the head, chest, and abdomen levels to facilitate those measurements. 

  4. Place baby in the Cradle, positioning the head in the "sniff" position.

  5. Measure head, chest, and abdomen.

  6. Use a fourth tape measure to measure the baby’s length.

  7. Lift the sling to weigh the baby.

  8. Remove baby from sling, and place baby back in the Cradle once again in the "sniff" position.

  9. Do the front of the baby exam in the Resus-A-Cradle.

  10. Turn the baby over to do the back exam.

  11. Once again place the baby on its back in the "sniff" position, to take vital signs.

  12. Wrap the baby in the blanket that is on the Cradle and hand back to the mother.

Set up and using the Cradle for the Newborn Exam:

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